Travel trailers can do some pretty amazing things.  Whether you hit the road often or take trips here and there, your travel trailer says a lot about you. We’re on the hunt for the best travel trailers for families but in the meantime, we found some pretty cool trailers that take on a life of their own.

The Coolest Travel Trailers Out There

Gypsy Caravan

Gregs Gypsy Bowtop Caravans are some of the most unique and well-intended travel trailer designs we’ve seen in a while.  These trailers take on the characteristics of old school gypsy caravans on heavy-duty chassis that can be towed just like any other trailer on the market.  They’re infused with pinewood and waterproofed with tarpaulin around a tunnel to give it a unique look.

Minimal Living

If you’re looking for the minimalist’s life on the road, this customized Airstream trailer is one way to do just that.  In a completely barebones setup, this travel trailer keeps it light and airy which would be perfect in summer climates.  While we’re sure you could add to it in some ways, it takes away from the focus on where you’re going and not how you’re getting there.

Log Cabin on Wheels

This is truly a unique design for a trailer, mimicking a beautiful home on the outside and following the design with a loft and amazing conservation of space techniques.  You don’t see many travel trailers, or even RVs, that can boast a loft.  This modern design looks a lot like a house, and when you’re parked or at a campground, you’ll be able to enjoy the creature comforts it provides.

Take to the Road or the Sea with the Sealander

The Sealander, or the Swimming Caravan, does just what it says it does.  It swims.  This trailer can be parked on land or float on the water.  When you think of travel trailers, you might dream of being on the sea but not in one.  Until now!  The Sealander gives you the best of both worlds, so you can fish out on the lake in your travel trailer than close up shop for the night in it on land.

MINI Clubman

The MINI Clubman is an Airstream travel trailer designed to be affordable, sleek and stylish.  This Clubman is a combination of engineering feats from the MINI Cooper brand, Airstream and the Republic of Fritz Hansen designers.  Whether you head to the beach or a campsite, this mini travel trailer folds out into an open-air daybed.  While the design may seem small, for a one or two person party, this Clubman is the perfect solution for hitting the shores.


The Mehrzeller non-standard caravan is another unique travel trailer design, meant to increase its mobility on the go.  This type of caravan is considered a “multi-cellular” caravan which allows for an individualized layout that can be fully customized unlike any other trailer on the market.  The design of the trailer itself allows for even more customization options in some cases than standard RVs, campers or trailers which make the Mehrzeller more appealing.

SylvanSport GO

The SylvanSport GO is half travel trailer, half pop-up trailer.  We love this design because it’s practical and allows you to be outdoors in a way without being totally exposed to the elements.  This lets you experience camping without actually camping in a traditional sense which can be a great way to ease yourself into spending the night outdoors.

As you can see, travel trailers aren’t all the same.  They can be fully customized, tinkered with and built from the ground up.  If you’re looking for something that screams who you are, a travel trailer can be customized in such a way to do just that.  Don’t settle for the same old boring travel trailers on the market if you want something that’s truly you.

What is your dream travel trailer?  Let us know by commenting! Whether you want to take an adventure across the country or in a great RVing state like Colorado, trailers make it possible, and with style.

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