If you’re thinking about buying an RV but the price is keeping you from making the purchase, you might want to think twice about what the cost of a vacation in America is. Vacations are expensive, especially when it comes to travel, hotels, food and entertainment. With a trailer, you have everything wrapped into one neat little package you can drive to just about any destination with.


When you go on vacation, you have a variety of costs associated with it. In fact, many vacations seem more like work than they do a relaxing getaway. An RV can provide you transportation, housing and a kitchen to avoid eating out at fast food joints or restaurants. If you calculate the total costs of the above, excluding recreational activities, you can see the difference a trailer can save you long-term.

Vacations are expensive. Even if you stay closer to home, they can add up depending on where you stay, the time of year, how many rooms you need, what activities you want to do and where you eat. While buying an RV has upfront, maintenance and stocking costs involved, over time, these costs pale in comparison to what a getaway vacation actually costs a family.


When you go sightseeing anywhere in the world, there’s costs associated with doing so. Let’s ignore the cost of travel and housing for a second. Let’s just talk admission fees. Many places around the world can cost an arm and a leg to see in person. While we would never encourage you to avoid these types of tourist traps, there’s a variety of sightseeing stops in your own background.

Many vacationers forget that there’s things to do that don’t require expensive travel plans and fancy hotels. Packing the family up in your RV, driving to these locations and taking a look can be a valuable way RVs save you time and money. In addition, you get to see things you never thought you’d see because you’re avoiding the bigger tourist attractions in your area.

Avoiding Hotels

RVs are essentially hotels on wheels. Depending on the size and customization options you went with for your RV, it may be even better than staying at your home sometimes. While you still may need to pay fees to spend the night in an RV park, campsite or other parking lot, these fees added up over time will be a lot less costly than shacking up in a hotel for multiple nights.

Hotels get more expensive based on the destination, time of year and whether or not anything special is happening in the area. If you want to pack up the kids for a summer getaway to that beach resort, loading into the RV and parking away from the beach is less expensive than booking a cramped room at that hotel on shore.

When you purchase a trailer, the initial cost is expensive and can be a drain of your resources. If you look at the bigger picture, the amount you spend up front can be much cheaper than family vacations and getaways planned over the next five to 10 years. If you have a growing family, you know how expensive it can be to take the kids to Disney World, visit the relatives in the remote backcountry of Wyoming or just to tour the US and its historical sites.

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